Italy – which future?


One week after the elections in Italy — in broad strokes a radiography showing the country divided between 1/4 who abstained; 1/4 that had voted the right wing parties; 1/4 – a highly decaf left (with a center-left more akin to Brussels than to the Italian people), plus a progressive left that has achieved surprisingly little votes for a country in the situation of Italy;  and 1/4 that had decided tragycomedy is the most representative political genre –, we go back to previous reflexions* and conclude that Italy, as well as Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland (Johan Galtung‘s GIPSI’s**) and others to meet the same fate — need badly to enhance self reliance and sustainability. And, as Erika Degortes already said three months prior to elections,

“Let the Italians leave their politicians consuming themselves in their tussles, completely separated from the life of their populations and rather start initiatives from below. In southern Italy it is already possible to find people growing gardens to produce vegetables, people who are building houses from recycled materials or even better, rediscovering the traditions of their past- even the remote past- giving new life to aspects of the economy that had been forgotten.”
Read complete essay: Italy – Greece, Which Future? by Erika Degortes – Transcend International

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