New year wishes


Wish no. 1: copying peace rather than violence, for instance from ASEAN and the Nordic Community, making peace self-reinforcing.

Wish no. 2: reporting violence less prominently, more toward the end of newspapers-TV-radio news, and reporting peace upfront.

Wish no. 3:  understanding war better, not only how many killed but how many bereaved; understanding peace better as model for others.

Wish no. 4: introducing Yin/Yang in Western thought: no totally good or bad humans or states around; they are all improvable mixtures.

Wish no. 5: linking the good in ourselves to the good in others for peaceful cooperation, yet keeping the bad in mind, for security.

Wish no. 6: identifying unsolved conflicts and unconciled traumas that may lead to violence; solving the conflicts, healing the traumas.

Wish no. 7: globalizing traditional intra-state human rights to rule out killing and exploitation across state borders.

Wish no. 8: adding animal to human rights to reflect how much we have in common, like families, joy and grief, cooperation, symbiosis.

Wish no. 9: globalizing democracy giving voice to all affected by a decision, via UN, or directly by referenda across state borders.

Wish no. 10: dialoguing with the most belligerent–USA-Israel-UK-Turkey–to identify their legitimate goals and how they can be met.

And the erratic climate? A modest wish: a deeper understanding than a one-factor linear relation in a very complex finite world.

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