Transcend International

A Peace Development Environment Network whose aim is to bring about a more peaceful world by using action, education/training, dissemination and research.

Transcend International

  • TRANSCEND Media Service-TMS (, a Peace Journalism resource for journalists/media, professionals, students and the Internet public at large, in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc;
  •  TRANSCEND Peace University-TPU (, for government and non-government practitioners and students at any level, with 12-week bi-semester on-line courses, and intensive TPU on-site training programs in several locations around the world (see announcements at the TPU website);
  • TRANSCEND Peace Service-TPS, which offers mediation, conciliation and peace-building services by TRANSCEND members, and is open to anybody around the world with conflict and peace concerns and experiences;
  • TRANSCEND Research Institute-TRI (, which publishes research papers and booklets for free downloading; and
  • TRANSCEND PEACE CHANNEL – TPC ( Regional experts on World issues on video.

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